Stef de Hann

Stef de Haan has 25 years of experience in agricultural research and innovation with an emphasis on agrobiodiversity and human nutrition in mountainous regions and vulnerable communities.

He works for the International Potato Center (CIP), coordinating the Andean Initiative ( He has published more than 70 publications between science articles and books, many related to the Andes and the conservation of genetic resources. He currently coordinates CIP’s Andean Initiative with an emphasis on agrobiodiversity, climate action, and food systems. Stef’s current research areas include genetic resources, seed systems, food and nutrition security, and food system transitions. He previously worked with the Dutch Cooperation for the Development in the Andean region (1998-2002), the International Potato Center (2002-2015) in Peru, and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture in Vietnam (2015-2019). He has a doctorate in biosystematics and a master’s degree in agroecology from Wageningen University, as well as a degree in agricultural engineering. Stef is of Dutch nationality and resides in Peru.


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