Inga Smit

Inga Smit is leading the group of Potato Technology within the Department of Safety and Quality of Cereals at the Max Rubner-Institut (MRI), Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food in Germany.

After her Diploma in horticulture she obtained her PhD on wine quality and conducted her Post-doctoral research at the University of Göttingen, Germany, were she also teached classes in the field of Quality of Plant Products. At the MRI, she is responsible for pilot plants for potato processing such as french fries and crisps, which are being used in a current project on oleogels as alternative frying media. In addition to quality aspects, the safety of potato products is very important in her research. Thus, in a recently finished bilateral project, trials were carried out on acrylamide reduction in deep-fried products and in an upcoming project, suitable strategies for glycoalkaloid minimisation in potato products will be investigated. Smit is a member of the EAPR (European Association of Potato Research) and the country represantative for Germany since 2020.


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