Arjan Brouwer

I am a 47 year old Dutch independent professional, having worked all my life in the potato industry from the cradle onwards and hopefully for many years to come!

Since the beginning of 2019 I am an independent advisor and currently work on project basis for several international companies active in the potato processing industry. My principals include both companies that design and manufacture food processing equipment, as well as agro-food companies.

I have worked with well-known engineering companies such as Kiremko (Netherlands), Tolsma-Grisnich (Netherlands), FoodeQ Engineering, Bertuzzi (Italy), Finis-Eillert (Netherlands), Idaho Steel Products (USA), Ferlo and Urtasun (both from Spain). I am also a senior industry advisor for the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

I have cooperated with companies in the preserved, dehydrated and frozen food sectors as well as with fresh and pre-cooked products, such as McCain Foods (Canada), Aviko, Farm Frites (both of the Netherlands), JR Simplot (USA), Ardo (Belgium), Dicogel (Belgium), Congelados de Navarra (Spain), Virto (Spain) and many others. My customers typically vary from family-owned farming companies with small processing units to multinational, industrial potato processors.

Closely working together and promoting partnerships with specialist companies that offer complementary products in the industry chain, including for the long term storage and crop handling technology, processing, freezing, primary and secondary packaging and automation. I have a broad and deep network with food processing industries worldwide and specialized in the selection of the right equipment and technology for the specific raw material and end product specifications.

For my principals, my specific work areas have typically been emerging countries. For example, having spent over 15 years in China and India assisting with the supply of turn-key processing plants for potatoes and onions. I have worked all my professional career in Latin America developing and executing projects in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, including for today’s well- known French fries plants installed across the continent.

It is a honour to be invited as speaker at the XXIX Latin American Potato Congress, having attended the event as a visitor and even as an exhibitor several times in the past.


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